Fender Washer

Also known as penny washers, fender washers are characterized by a flat design and a large outer diameter related to the inner diameter. The outer diameter is the ring of solid material that goes around a cylindrical fastener. The inner diameter is the center that’s open and devoid of any solid material. A cylindrical fastener will go through the inner diameter.

Fender is essentially a type of flat washer. Fender washers have a large outer diameter. All washers, of course, have an outer diameter. The outer diameter is what allows them to distribute the load of a fastener. Fender washers simply have a larger outer diameter than most other types of washers. The outer diameter of a fender washer covers more surface area than that of other types.

Technical Specification
 Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, MS, Copper, Brass & Stainless Steel (SS 304,SS 302, SS 316)
White Zinc Plated, Yellow Zinc Plated, Auto Black Plated, Chrome Plated & other as per customer requirement

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