Guardrail Bolts

Guard Rail Bolts are specialized fasteners used to secure guardrails and safety barriers in various applications. They typically have a unique domed or round head design to prevent snags and ensure a smooth surface. These bolts are commonly made from durable materials like galvanized steel for corrosion resistance and longevity. They are available in different lengths and diameters to accommodate various guardrail thicknesses and installation requirements. Guard Rail Bolts are essential for providing reliable and sturdy connections, ensuring safety and stability in transportation, construction, and infrastructure projects.

Technical Specification
M10-M16 3/18″-5/8″
Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, MS, Copper, Brass & Stainless Steel (SS 304,SS 302, SS 316)
White Zinc Plated, Yellow Zinc Plated, Auto Black Plated, Chrome Plated & other as per customer requirement